The Lies and Deceit of the Brady Campaign

The Brady Campaign is an organization that has made disarming the people of the United States of America its foremost tenant.  This organization has been hard at work at demonizing firearms of all kinds.  They make a passionate – yet preposterous claim that firearms are evil.  Well, Jim and Sara Brady, I have some news for you, firearms aren’t good or bad – they are neutral.  An inanimate object cannot be good or bad, only living people can be good or bad.

Let’s try to look at some of their delusional press releases:

April 10,2012:

The Brady Campaign attempts to capitalized on Trayon Martin’s death by victimizing the victim.  Read about it on my main blog entry.

January 13, 2012:

The Bradies attempted to organize a national for all the victims of “gun violence”.  Well, a few people showed up and the Bradies are calling it a success.  The funny thing is that no one in the media heard or covered it.  Here is a big LOL out to them.

The Bradies claim that from January 1st 2012 to the time they held their vigil 1072 Americans have been shot.  What they don’t tell you is that they count Justin Martin as a “victim”.  So you ask: “who is Justin Martin?”.  He is a stalker that attempted to kill Oklahoma mom Sara McKinley and her baby boy in their home.  The Brady Campaign didn’t want Sara McKinley to own a gun, they didn’t think she needs one – after 911 should come to her aid – right?  Well, 911 didn’t come to her aid, as a matter of fact, 911 was there on the phone for 21 minutes while Justin Martin was making his way to Sara McKinley’s bedroom.  Not a single law, rule and regulation that the Bradies have thought of has ever had any effect on people like Justin Martin.  Sara McKinley isn’t like the Brady campaign mascot Collin Goddard.  When Sara faced a hard choice, she took action – the only right action.  When Collin Goddard had to make the same decision he did nothing, because he is a coward.  Now, to make up for his guilt, he joined the Bardy campaign to blame the gun for the actions of its user.  In reality, Collin Goddard joined the Brady campaign to redirect his responsibility for doing absolutely nothing!

All of the Brady’s proposed laws, rules and regulations are targeted towards people like Sara McKinley.  The Bradies don’t want guns out of hands of criminals – they want guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens because they are dillusuinal and think that bad people won’t do bad things if they don’t have guns.

For the full story check out the Huffington Post:

August 18, 2011:

Sara Brady has sent out an urgent call warning us against Rick Perry because he supports legal concealed carry.  The Brady campaign has always told us that they only want to prevent criminals from obtaining and using firearms.  The also told us that they claim to support the 2nd amendment and the legal framework surrounding it.  If that was the case, then how come Sara Brady is so shocked when Rick Perry admits he concealed carries?  Is Rick Perry a felon? Is Rick Perry a criminal?  It Rick Perry a prohibited person?  We all know the answer to that is no.   I though the Brady Campaign has nothing again citizens carrying firearms legally?  Sara Brady – you are a liar!  Sara Brady, keep on selling your member’s information because you can’t raise funds any other way…

January 10, 2011:

On January 8, 2011 a sick individual by the name of Jared Lee Loughner went on a shooting rampage leaving US Representative Gifford in critical condition, thirteen wounded, and six people dead during a townhall style meeting in a Vons grocery store in Tuscon Arizona.

As I expected, Paul Helmke  did not waste a single second to make sinister use of the event to further the agenda of his radical organization.  Per his MO (Method of Operation) he immediately blamed the firearm for the event, not a single word was said to put responsibility on the sick individual that perpetrated this horrific crime.

Quoting Paul Helmke: “Too many public officials have been killed and injured in this country in my lifetime – nearly all of them by guns.”  Exactly how many public officials have been killed in your lifetime? I bet he doesn’t even know, but his answer would be “even one is too much for me”.  Then he says that nearly all of them were killed by guns.   People killed by guns?  Are you listening to yourself? People are killed by people, not by guns.  Why doesn’t Paul call out sick people?  How can the blame be put on a inanimate object (i.e. gun) with zero ability to perform any action?

Paul Helmke continues to spew:  “we at the Brady Campaign are deeply concerned about the heated political rhetoric that escalates debates and controversies, and sometimes makes it seem as if violence is an acceptable response to honest disagreements.”  Paul Helmke asserts that the killed was politically motivated.  As early as a day and a half after the event and the media is reporting that the the killer was as a “left wing pothead“, and was mentally ill.   So Paul, not only was the killed not a “right wing bible thumping gun toating nut” like you like to imply, but he was very much like you, in at least one way – if not two.

In the same press release Paul continues to assert that last elections, the NRA and Sara Palin incited violence against those they disagree with.  Once more we already know that politics was not the motive for this crime.  That did not prevent Paul and his radical organization from attempting to portray it so.

Paul Helmke wants all the citizens of the United States of America disarmed.  Paul Helmke believe that only the government should have guns, and that only they will ensure our safety.  Paul Helmke doesn’t bother to mention that law enforcement did not stop this crime – brave citizens did.  Brave citizens fought with the killer in hand battle to neutralize him.  Law enforcement wasn’t there – as always, when lives are in danger, the police is many minutes away.  If those braved citizens were armed – how many lives would have been saved?  How many seconds earlier would the brave citizens have been able to act?  Paul Helmke doesn’t care, Paul Helmke only cares about his sick radical agenda.

June 29, 2010:

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court incorporated the 2nd Amendment against the States.  Obviously, the Bradys are running around begging for money to help them “protect you and your community”.  Sarah, you only protect criminals.  All  the legislation you support has one goal, and one goal only – dissolve the 2nd Amendment.  Luckily for us,  Sara is running out of money, because less and less Americans are supporting them.  Let’s hope the Brady Campaign becomes a thing of the past soon.

June 25, 2010:

In their 6/25 disinformation campaign they urge us to support AB1810in California: “Public Safety Committee will consider important legislation,AB 1810, to help law enforcement track down armed criminals and solve gun crimes. AB 1810 would require the retention of purchase and transfer records of all firearms in California“.  Well, what they don’t tell you is that in California and the rest of the states ALL firearm sales records are kept permanently.  The records consist of what’s commonly called DROS form, which stands for Dealer Record Of Sale, and is officially called BATF form 4473.    Every dealer is responsible to keep the records for as long as he is in business.  If they go out of business, they have to ship the entire archive to the BATF for permanent safekeeping.

So if and when a crime occurs,  law enforcement agencies already have the tools to trace the firearm’s history.  The real reason that the Brady Campaign wants the DOJ to have the registration data, is because they want to see a de-facto gun registration established which they perceive as crucial part in eliminating gun ownership in the U.S.

June 21, 2010:

Today, Dallas Stout called upon Californians to support AB 1934, to ban the carrying of openly displayed handguns in public.  Stout says:  Lately, there has been an increase in controversial events where gun owners bring their exposed weapons and ammunition into restaurants, strapped to their hips.  Those who carry exposed handguns in public are not required to undergo any training, and they may even be prohibited from possessing a firearm! This puts our families and communities at risk.

So if you carry a firearm in public, you may be prohibited from possessing a firearm?  If you are prohibited from carrying a firearm, it means you cannot carry openly, nor can you carry concealed, and as a matter of fact – you aren’t supposed to have a firearm period!  So if a prohibited person is illegally in possession, this would prevent him from carrying?

How does this put anyone at risk? What is the likelihood of a criminal holding a place up knowing there are law abiding citizens carrying firearms around him?  The Bradys know that this doesn’t put anyone at risk, but they do know that if you tell lies to enough people for a long enough time, they will eventually believe you.  Once again, the Brady Campaign is supporting law that is only designed to hurt law abiding gun owners and have zero impact on criminals.

June 20, 2010:

This is so great, I don’t even need to write much about it.  The bottom line, is that the Brady Campaign who claimed to represent a major share of Americans has lost so much membership, that it’s now selling its mailing list (against their stated privacy policy).  Well, if that’s not interesting news, what is news is that they only have 50,000 members!  Yes, only 1 out of every 6000 Americans is on their list, and many of those 50,000 are just observers like me.  They must have been following Rule #1 from Rules For Radicals, but got caught with their pants down.

I’ll let the media do the talking on this one:;jsessionid=67E4D81C900498EA53DE45F767B96030?page=order/online/datacard&id=163065–Youve-got-SPAM

March 08, 2010:

Earlier this month, Chelsea King was allegedly brutally raped and murdered while jogging in a public park by convicted sex offender John Gardner.  It appears that the Brady Campaign’s effort to disarm Americans in Parks is working!!!  Chelsea was in a “gun free zone”… and now is dead.  Her alleged murderer knew that all park visitors would be unarmed, he knew that chances of anyone else being there to witness the crime would be very low, he knew that the park provided excellent cover for such a heinous crime.  Not surprisingly, we won’t hear a word about this from Jim and Sara Brady.  As always, they will just ignore this event and continue to disarm America.  Still think the Brady Campaign is working for your safety?

December 19, 2009:

Yesterday Paul Helmke sent another email begging pleading for your hard earned dollars.  This time his excuse is that guns will be allowed on Amtrak trains.  He calls it “unnecessary legislation”, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.  Dear Paul: why are you so intimidated with law abiding citizens having the means to protect themselves?  How effective have guns laws been at curbing the so called “gun violence”.  Do you really think a terrorist or just a plain criminal will abide by the rule you advocate?  How are law abiding citizens supposed to protect themselves when such a criminal decides to ignore the law and wreak carnage in one of your “gun free” zones?  How did your “gun free” zone work in Fort Hood?  Why do you explain to the victims of Fort Hood how the “gun free” zone helped them?

November 27, 2009:

Sara Brady’s current move was as predictable as sunrise.  In a 11/27 mass mailing, Sara pleads for donations.  No that there is anything new with that.  After all, the American people are becoming more and more disillusioned with the Brady Campaign and as a result, they are on the brink of financial ruin.

Regardless, as expected, they capitalize on the Fort Hood terrorist attack to remind us the “5-7 cop killer guns do not belong in anyone’s hands”.  Many of us were wondering how long it would take Sara and her cult to blame the gun for the incident.  Sara failed to mention that the terrorist took advantage of the Brady advocated “gun free zone” to execute his crimes.  Not a word was said about the fact that the only one to stop him at his tracks was police Sgt. Kimberly Munley who was armed, and engaged him immediately.  If Ft. Hood wasn’t a “gun free zone”, how many lives would have been saved?  Worldwide evidence clearly demonstrates that similar incidents around the world are terminated in a few seconds when armed people are around.

August 7, 2009:

In their August press release, the Bardys pride themselves  in preventing law abiding citizens from carrying concealed firearms nationwide.  First,  there is little evidence to support they had any influence on this outcome, but the important point is that once again, they claim victory when law abiding citizens are prevented from carrying firearms legally.   As always, this law does absolutely nothing to criminals – the same ones the Bradys claim to want to reign in.

June 13, 2009:

On June 10 a Scumbag Neo-Nazi went into the Holocaust museum in Washington DC with the apparent intention to kill.   He was confronted by an armed guard and a firefight ensured.  Unfortunately, the security guard died of his wounds.  Nevertheless,  the scumbag was wounded and apprehended and many lives were saved as a result of an armed citizen standing up to a convicted felon.

As expected, the Brady Campaign is having a field day with this and came out with a press release to remind everyone that we need more gun control.  Nowhere in their press release do they mention that an armed citizen stopped this scumbag and if it wasn’t for this person, many would have died.   Also, nowhere in their press release do they mention that none of their proposed laws would have had an effect on the scumbag neonazi.  He was already a convicted felon prohibited by law to own any firearm.  As we already know, criminals don’t mind the law – but the Brady Campaign conveniently ignores that.  What’s their real agenda?

May 13, 2009:

Gotta love em Bradys.  Today, in a frantic mailer, they urge us all to fight congressional approval to allow law abiding citizens to carry firearms in national parks.  The claim that if this passes, law abiding citizens will be allowed to carry loaded firearms, including those “dangerous AK-47” in parks.  Bradys – why are you worried?  Didn’t you say your objective is to prevent guns in the hands of criminals???  Why are you panicing when law abiding citizens carry firearms in the wilderness of national parks?  Why do you care when law abiding citizens want to protect themselves in places where law enforncment is next to non-existent, mostly out of reach, and potential dangers are real from wildlife and human predetors wish to take advantage of the seclusion.  Once again the Bradys demonstrate that it isn’t criminals that they are after.  Once again they demonstrate that they are after law abiding citizens.

April 17, 2009:

In a mailer sent today the Brady Campaigh states “Two dangerous gun lobby bills, AB 357 and AB 1167, that would vastly increase the number of people carrying loaded”.  Last year the Brady Campaign told us they believe in the Second Ammendment and the right of law abiding citizens to own and carry firearms.  If that is the case, how come they are urging California residents to object to two bills that would enable law abiding citizens to protect themselves and those around them?  The Bradys are nothing but dellusional pathological liers that will stop at nothing until they victimize 100% of the US population.

“Brady Campaign Urges Congress to Close the Gun Show Loophole” – what gun show loophole? There is no gun show loophole. Fact: dealer to private party sales at gun shows require the exact same background check as is needed in a bona fide gun store.  What the Bardy Campaign really wants to do is prevent person to person sale which are also legal.  If you dig deeper, what they really really want to stop is interfamily transfers of gun ownership.  They know and understand that a large portion of the 200 million or so firearms legaly in the U.S. are trasfered legally from parent to their children.  They believe that if they can curb that – many families will give up gun ownership for good.

“Brady Campaign Urges Stronger Gun Laws to Curb Guns to Mexico: Enforcing Existing Laws Not Enough” – the Bardys are going international! So now, the Bradys want us to believe that we are the reason for Mexican gang violence! Do they have any evidence to back it up, or are they abusing false statistics spread by some members of congress?

April 4, 2009:

In the Brady’s April 4, 2009 press release they shamelessly capitalize on the pain of the recent victims of violence to further their radical political agenda.  Not a single word was said in their press release to point out that those acts of violence were conducted by evil people.  Not a single word to point out that law abiding citizens in a free society have the right to self defense – but they didn’t because of organizations like the Brady Campaign.  Instead, they attack the “evil” inanimate guns.  In the same press release, they point out that “If tainted pistachios, peanut butter, or spinach had killed these people, Congress would have jumped in with investigations, re-calls, and insisted that these foods be taken off the shelves in grocery stores”.  It’s great to see them shoot themselves in the foot (figuratively speaking) with outright camp statements.  But I would like to roll with their analogy.  If tainted pistachios, peanut butter, or spinach is found, neither of those items is permanently banned.  The tainted ones are removed from circulation BUT the FDA steps in to correct corporation’s and people’s actions – since they are the root cause of the contamination.  The people are at fault, not the pistachios, not the peanut butter, and not the spinach.

Building on the previous paragraph, here is some more food for thought.  Some, like the Brady Campaign think that we can solve problems by declaring inanimate objects “evil” and then banning them.  In this case, the Brady Campaign thinks that if we ban guns, there won’t be violence since no one will have guns.  This assumption is faulty and has historically been proven wrong over and over again – but the Brady Campaign doesn’t bother with learning history, it’s beyond them.  Case and point,  we have declared a “war on drugs” in the 1980s.  By banning all drugs we should have a better society – right? If no one has drugs then people wouldn’t get addicted, families wouldn’t be destroyed,  and people wouldn’t die from the ancillary violence that comes with the drug trade.  Well, nearly 30 years later, and trillions of taxpayer dollars sunk into the effort – how is that working out for us?

To prove the point that firearms aren’t good or bad, please check out where the Brady Campaign’s “most wanted” evil firearm, the AR15 has been left loaded and ready to go but has yet to commit atrocious mass killings.  Please note that this specific AR15 has the most evil properties ever: “high capacity magazine”, “high powered rounds”, a bayonet, a pistol grip, a flash hider, and a “barrel shroud”.


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