Why is Dan Gross Smiling?

It didn’t take but a few hours for the Brady Campaign to attempt to capitalize on the murder of innocents in Aurora Colorado.  It an urgent request for money, Dan Gross is smiling!  Why is he smiling?  12 people died and 58 people were injured?  Is that anything to smile about?  Dan Gross is smiling because he is happy, he is happy people died, he is happy people got hurt, he is happy because he has the opportunity to further his perverted political agenda.

In his mass email dated 7/22/2012, he doesn’t attempt to disguise the fact that he blames “the guns” for the massacre.   He makes no attempt to mention the sick individual the perpetrated the crime since in his perverted mind – it’s the guns that did it.  Dan Gross ignores the fact that the perpetrator didn’t need guns to commit his crime.  As a matter of fact, his master plan was a two part plan in which his explosives rigged apartment was supposed to kill many more people.

In his 7/24/2012 Dan Gross talks about “sensible solutions to reduce gun violence”.  We all know what Dan’s “sensible solutions” are – ban all guns since if guns are banned criminals won’t use them.  Here is a big LOL to that!  Dan Gross, there is no such thing as “gun violence” there is only “violence”.  The Brady campaign always throws numbers “every day 30 Americans die from guns”.  The Brady campaign counts every single death – even of a citizen or police officer defending life.  Let’s assume for a minute that 30 people a day die from the so called “gun violence”.  That would mean that on average 10,950 people die from gun violence every year.  Well, the US Department of Justice reported that last year 1.5 million people were saved by guns.  That means that for every person killed, 137 are saved.  I’ll take those odds every day.  But if we buy the Brady Campaign’s approach, shouldn’t we ban all cars since thousands of people die every day from car accidents?

The Brady Campaign’s logic fails at every level.  Bad people are bad people.  When bad people decide to do bad things, they disregard any law that stands in their way.  Killing is banned and illegal – did that prevent the Aurora shooting?  No it did not.

In today’s US News debate club Gene Hoffman brings up excellent points.  Dan Brady rebuttal is “The connection between gun violence and our abysmal gun laws is obvious”.  Can Dan Gross ever bring up a point that is backed by evidence?  Let’s look at the facts: Chicago and Washington D.C. which have the nation’s “best” gun control laws by Brady Campaign metrics also have the worst crime rates in the nation.  How does that sit with Dan’s rebuttal?  It does not for the argument for Brady style gun control is flat out wrong.

Keep smiling Dan Gross, at least the donations you will milk naive people for will pay for your salary for a while longer.


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