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Never let a good crisis go to waste

December 15, 2012

It hasn’t been 24 hours since the Newtown CT massacre and Sara Brady is at it again – as usual.  Sara wants us all to live in a safer nation – a nation with no so called “gun violence” and no guns.  Sara wanted to make the Newtown school safe, she applauded it for being a  “gun free school” since having law abiding citizens carry firearms wasn’t acceptable.  Why would anyone need a gun when the police is just 10-40 minutes away?  The police is all we need for protection, isn’t it?

Well Sara, why don’t you explain to the parents of the 20 children slaughtered why their “gun free” school wasn’t safe?  Why don’t you look into the eyes of each and every parent and explain to them why the police wasn’t there to protect their children?

Sara Brady, you are delusional and the venom you spread  is costing this nation lives – too many lives.  The blood of those children is on your hands.