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Buying in NAPA Auto Part Stores Doesn’t Pay Off

April 21, 2013

The NAPA auto chain has been trying to capture some market share from the Autozone variety by attempting to provide competing offerings – or have they?

Recently, I purchased some parts from NAPA online under the premise that it can be returned at any NAPA auto parts store – per their web page.  Unexpectedly, I had to return a part so I drove over to my local San Diego NAPA store.  The clerk informed me that all of the San Diego NAPA stores are independently owned and therefore do not and will not  accept parts purchased online from NAPA – seriously?  And how are customers supposed to know which stores are independently owned?

So then I attempted to return the parts at a NAPA store that is corporately owned.  To my surprise, they had no clue how to process the return and once again, refused it – that’s a second strike.

Third strike happened when I attempted to return a part purchased from the independent NAPA store at the corporate NAPA store and discovered that the independent store charged me 50% more than the corporate store.  Apparently, independently owned NAPA stores can charge whatever they want – so buyer beware.